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Listed below are just a sample of the services performed by Field and Range Target Service. If you do not see your exact repair, we will be glad to quote you an estimated price after viewing the weapon. All labor will be billed at an hourly rate for the actual time involved in the services performed on your weapon. These prices will be provided as an estimate depending on the condition of the weapon. Please keep in mind that there is a large difference in working with new or like new weapons as compared to working on vintage or poor condition weapons. Also keep in mind that the many different types of aftermarket brands require different fitting times for the same type of device. The final bill will have a line item listing of parts and materials that are added to the actual labor costs.

Stock Refinishing - remove old oil and finish. Apply hand rubbed finish in either a (military) hunter or satin style.
Stock Repair - repair of gouges as well as some splits and cracks.

Laser Sighting - sighting in of the scope by use of a laser.

Trigger honing - eliminate 'creep' and heavy pull weight.

Cold blue - use of cold bluing procedure on weapon parts.

Spot blue - touch up areas where bluing is worn away.

Scope adjustment - tighten base screws, replace if necessary and clean the lenses.

Safety check - make sure that the weapon is safe to fire.

Cleaning - break down the weapon, hand clean internal parts, removing old grease and oil. Apply new oil and reassemble weapon.

Research - locate the year of manufacture, place, company and any other information possible on vintage weapons.

FFL transfers - All transfers of registered firearms MUST, by federal law, be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer. We can assist with the transfer of firearms between private parties. Please call or e-mail us PRIOR to your transaction for instructions and to be sure that we will be able to assist you.


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